SendGrid - Ensure Delivery Of Your Webforms.

We suggest clients set up a SendGrid account. This service helps ensure the delivery of submitted webforms to your email.

Other benefits SendGrid has to offer for the client are: it has a user-friendly interface, there are options to create custom templates for emails, it displays when a webform was submitted and when an email should have been received.

When you use SendGrid you no longer have to worry if form submissions from your website will get to you.

There is a free option as well as paid for options. We suggest creating a free account and then providing us with your login credentials so that we can link your account to your website.

There is no need to log into SendGrid after creating the account unless you would like to use any of its other features mentioned above. The main purpose of SendGrid is to make sure that you get all your form submissions from your website in your email account.

Read more about the different packages at

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