What is Pantheon And Why Should I Host With Them?

Pantheon is a host for your website and a valuable web development tool which helps August Ash provide you with quick clean changes and updates. It provides free staging environments to build your site on and test changes on. Great thing being you do not even have to pay for Pantheon until your site gets launched. Most importantly, Pantheon keeps your server secure and up-to-date.

Benefits for you:

  • Free hosting until your site goes live.
  • Server is actively kept up and secure.
  • Provides staging environments.
  • Regularly updated and maintained.
  • Secure and fast hosting.

See Entire Features list.

Pantheon is a partner of August Ash. We believe in the service they provide and its benefits for both the client and our development team. Read More on what Pantheon has to offer you.

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