What Am I Getting Charged For?

Every website requires ongoing updates and fixes over time. Due to the constantly-evolving nature of web technologies, browser compatibilities, programming languages, and software versions, every site needs updates, fixes, and maintenance over the long haul. There are no exceptions.

Most of our work that requires a developer or programmer is related to things like:

  • Plugins, modules, or extensions that no longer work with each other
  • A CMS that is not up to date
  • A plugin, module, or extension that is not up to date
  • Code or website configurations that have changed since the website was originally launched
  • Fixing a feature or functionality that has not been used for months or years
  • A website or functionality that has been compromised by a malicious third party
  • Repairing something that has been altered by the customer, intentionally or accidentally
  • Addressing issues caused by the website's age (especially common to sites older than 3 years)
  • Other reasons too specific to be listed here

This isn't an exhaustive list; there are other factors that can contribute to a website no longer functioning the way it did when it was first launched.

Anytime we look into a problem or spend time to fix it, our time is billable. We work predominantly with third party products (Magento, Drupal, modules, etc.), and the service August Ash provides is our time to install, configure, maintain, and fix those products.

No one likes having to fix something that doesn’t work the way it was meant to, especially when they feel that they didn’t do anything to cause it. But the passing of time compounded by new updates to software can lead to some of these problems, and maintenance is part of what comes with owning a website.

We value your partnership and want to help you keep your site in great shape for years to come. Thank you for that opportunity. If you still have questions about this information, or something specific about your site, please let me know.

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